K S Nathan & Company is a leading International Law firm giving legal advice and practical assistance for individuals (internal displaced persons, asylum seekers, refugees & migrants), group of people (government, non-governmental organizations) and state governments around the world. 


About us

K S Nathan & Company is a leading International Law Firm. It has gained a reputation for its reliability with an outstanding reputation and unique expertise in International Refugees and Migration laws.
The Company provides legal advice and practical   assistance especially for those who are victims of state authorities and powerful people actions.
We act on behalf of individual; groups of people who believe their human rights are highly violated by the states or other powerful bodies.
 K S Nathan & Company gives advice to government and non-governmental organizations on how they can lawfully exercise their powers without breaching international laws.
We provide legal consultancy to the State governments when they are facing challenges from an individual, or foreign state governments or international bodies.
We also concentrate on the domestic law of the countries in which our clients need legal service and are able to address the full spectrum of domestic and international  law issues. In addition we organize and facilitate professional training, seminars and workshops on international law
K S Nathan & Company –International   Law Practice’s prime principle is to deliver the highest quality & confidential legal services at a reasonable cost. 

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