• International Refugee Law

Refugee Conventions/Asylum Claims/Refugee Status/Refugee Settlement/ Non
–refoulement/Re settlement/ Integration/ Family reunion/ Citizenship/Forcible Repatriation/ Voluntary Repatriation/ Detention/ International Refugee Law Instruments

  • International Migration Law

Student/ Working/Business/ Investment/Leave to Remain/Settlement/ Integration/ Family Reunion/Overstay/ Detention/ Deportation/ Voluntary Return/International Migration Law

  • International Humanitarian Law

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)/Humanitarian Assistance/ Post conflict solution/Rehabilitation & reintegration of former combat ants / Truce & Reconciliation/ International Humanitarian Law Instruments

  • International Human Rights Law

Language/Education/Employment/Religion/Culture/Property/Movement/Expression / overnmants commitment to human rights/International Human Rights instruments.

  • International Criminal Law

Repressive laws/Arbitrary arrest /Detention/ Torture/ Disappearances/Killings/Disposal of
dead bodies/Massacres/ Impunity/Crime against humanity/War crime/ Crime of
Genocide/ International Criminal Law Instruments.

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